Err_empty_response in browser

As an employee (not a developer) I was onboarded to my company with access to our metabase system. My first attempts worked without hiccups until suddenly every attempt of opening Metabase on my machine ended in one of two errors:


This is German for: Site not working! Metabase didn't send any data.

second option:
The login prompt loads but attempting to sign in via Google (as intended in our company) ends with this error:

I do not encounter such troubles with the same account on my mobile device and changing DNS didn't help either. The error occurs the same in Chrome and MS-Edge and incognito mode or deleting cookies also has no effect. OS: Win 10 build: 19042.1052 on an E14 ThinkPad

Any help will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @VincentH
You need to contact your administrator, since they need to setup the reverse-proxy they're using to redirect to https://
There's nothing wrong with Metabase - but it's not setup properly.

After a few hours of me and the devs trying our best it turns out it was Bit Defender all along...

Had to add an exclusion rule for our domain and now its working!

Apparently Bit Defender doesn't like google auth or something :confused: