Error asking MongoDB collection


We have installed right now Metabase for MAC and we have connected it with a MongoDB database.

When querying a collection, the “Filtered by” is empty and it shows the error: “There was a problem with your question”.

As we can’t change the filters we can’t query that collection.

It’s happening with a few collections, not all of them. Is it a bug or could we do something to avoid this problem?

Many thanks in advance, regards.

Hi @javier
Which version of Metabase?
Do you see any warnings/errors in the log? Check either Settings > Admin > Troubleshooting, or the log file, which should be located in ~/Library/Application Support/Metabase/


I am currently using version v0.32.5, installed right now.

The console shows the above output:


This is the second pic, as I'm new user and the system does not let me upload more than one.


There’s a handful of issues related to Table ... has no Fields associated with it, but I’m not sure which one is specific to your problem.“has+no+Fields+associated+with+it”
You might need to dig more in the log to find reasons why it’s failing to synchronize.
Which version of MongoDB?

I tried to search but none of the solutions I found was working.

We are using MongoDB version 3.6.

But there’s not a lot of solutions - these are open issues. Two of the issues has milestone 0.33, but I’m not sure if they will be fixed by that version.
Since someone commented on issue #9428 that it happens on some of their MongoDB tables, I would suggest that you click the Subscribe-button on the issue to get notified when anything happens. And click the :+1: to upvote issues.