Error average date

Hello! Since the latest update Metabase 0.50.4 we are unable to work with expressions in date format data, for example when trying to average the difference between departure and arrival date it says that it is an invalid expression:

Could you please help? Is there any way to set a setting that allows us to work with this average in Metabase??

We are looking forward to hearing from you

Thank you in advance


What version of metabase are you running? And are you adding a custom column or custom expression?

Hi we are working with 0.50.4 version, and the problem comes both when we create a custom column and a custom expression, but only when we try to average dates. For example we want to do the average of departure. arrival date thanks

Hmmm and what database are you using?

We are using a data base PostgreSQL that has info from reservations with dates

So first you need to calculate the difference using datediff ... which is another function