Error connection to localhost:3000

Hello :slight_smile: ! I installed yesterday metabase using a jarfile and I launched the connection to localhost: 3000 and all went well but today I turn on the pc and I type localhost: 3000 it does not work and I repeat the installation always with jarfile and I find some errors and the address localhost: 3000 launch well but when I restart the pc the link localhost: 3000 gives no result

Are you restarting Metabase when you restart your PC? It doesn’t install it’s own service so you either have to do the java -jar thing every time or create the service manually using something like NSSM.

@AndrewMBaines thank you for you’re answer :slight_smile: but
1-Is there another possibility to restart metabase?
2-and when i didn’t create the services on nssm i always do the same thing on the command when i turn on the pc java -jar metabase.jar?

  1. In some way, the command java -jar metabase.jar has to be run. I like to use a service, but you could do through a batch file that’s autorun if you prefer.
    The nssm stuff is here (bit long winded): Run Metabase as a windows service!
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