Error {"email": "value must be a valid email address."}

Hi there, i’ve a problem with Metabase REST /api/setup, i’m using Postman to make the request but regardless of what parameters I send, I return the error {“email”: “value must be a valid email address.” "}.
My purpose with / api / setup is to create an initial user.
Any idea what I need to do?

Hi @Jabraham
Which version of Metabase?

Just for reference for others, you’re using this endpoint:
Looks like you’re missing several required parameters.

The example you’re showing is what you actual send - or did you redact it?
If it was redacted, does the address contain anything besides a-z\.\- ? Umlaut or other non-international characters.

When working with the API, I highly recommend using your browser developer Network-tab, while doing things in the Metabase interface, since you can easily see the parameters sent and response data.


The Metabase interface requests the REST by sending the data in this way:

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