Error embedding Metabase dashboard with locked parameters


I am creating a dashboard on Metabase to embed it into an application. This dashboard has two questions, one of which was created using the Metabase query builder (AOV) and the other was created using SQL (GMV). When I set the brand_id parameter on the question, I get an error saying that an error ocurred while running the query, but everything works fine for the AOV question. Can you help me?

The error that I get is:

Missing id:

values: Object { values: (60) […], human_readable_values: {}, field_id: 1241 }

: Object { … }

And the GMV query is below:

SELECT sum(“public”.“crm_store_sales”.“total”) AS “sum”
FROM “public”.“crm_store_sales”

[[AND {{ brand_id }}]]
[[AND {{ data }}]]

I am using Metabase 0.31.2 on AWS EKS, using an internal Postgres database and querying another Postgres database.

I am accessing Metabase through Firefox 64 on Windows 10.

Hi @komyg
It seems like the error message is compacted - all the interesting stuff is probably hiding in the {...}
It looks correct - you’re sending both parameters (one editable and one locked).