Error in model creation!


as I can see there is a column existing account_name in the leads table.
similar issue comes...this changes to source...

can you tell how it is working?? and where is the issue..
i recently refreshed the schema (added new column in leads table...Version sheet table is same as it is)

did you remove any columns which the model might be referencing? Go to the. editor and start clicking preview to see where the issue is getting flagged

i havent removed any column. i have added some column.
ican see preview without any issue. data is coming.

So you are able to click it form here:

In the model definition? Also what version are you running?

i am using cloud version from last 2 months... so it has been upgraded to 49... and yes I can see both preview buttons.. (both little triangles). preview data is coming.

In that case you should reach out to and include your instance name ... Currently the cloud is still on 48.7 if you weren't manually upgraded