Error in using branch release-0.33. X after packaging

@flamber I pulled the code from this website
There are no other problems in the process of using after I compile. But when I sign out, the following error message will appear in the log. I don’t think you need to access the / api/ database interface when logging out。

@zsk If you think you have found a problem, then create a fix and submit a PR.
I think it might be a way to cleanup some cache.
I’m seeing error code 401, which means unauthenticated.

We can see that the delete / api / session has been requested before / api / database is requested, so 401 is bound to appear. So,it must not be be a way to cleanup some cache. Because it doesn’t make sense without a session. There was no such problem in previous versions.

@zsk I don’t know which version you tested before, but that’s how it’s been like that since at least 0.32.0
Again, if you have found a bug, then either try to fix it and submit a PR, or open an issue.

I’m not sure which version will not have this problem.
18da2fe56cfb6a2bc510ee6755f558a72c964e52 But there’s no problem with this version.
This version also belongs to 0.33.x.
I will try to solve it