Error loading my database

When I press on “Ask a question”, I can successfully load the Sample Dataset when I press “Get Answer”.

However, when I try to load my own data base, it says “There was a problem with your question”

The only way to load my data is by writing the following SQL statement: select * FROM “mtdemo”.“ettimestamp” but in this way I cannot use the Builder.

What might be the problem?

Thank you.

  • Which version of Metabase is this?
  • What type of database have you connected to Metabase?
  • What do you see when you click “Show error details”?

Version: v0.32.9
The type of database is PostgreSQL
The error is: “Table ‘ettimestamp’ has no Fields associated with it.”

I’m running Metabase on a docker. I set it up after following this tutorial:

Metabase connects to PostgreSQL as I get data from Crate DB.

Thank you.

Bringing up the post.

Hi @John
Try forcing a sync via Admin > Databases > (postgres) > “Sync database schema now”, and then check the log - you should see Metabase doing it’s thing, check for any errors from when you started the sync.
Which version of Postgres? Do you see any errors in your Postgres log, while Metabase is syncing?
I’m afraid that you might be seeing this issue:

Version: v0.32.9
Here is a sample of the log (Log is too much text to be pasted here)

The /api/automagic-dashboards/... are the X-rays. And the couple of lines before indicate someone logging in, so it’s probably the buttons on the home page.
But since your database hasn’t synced (or synced correctly), then that’s probably the reason for the error.

And how could I possibly take care of this? Can we figure out the reason of the faulty sync from the logs?

I tried with Power BI and connected with ODBC and works fine, but here I don’t have such an option so I went with Postgresql.

EDIT: How can you tell that it doesn’t sync correctly? On the photos it says FINISHED: Sync Postgres…

Windows uses ODBC, Java uses JDBC (which is what Metabase uses).

I’m guessing the sync doesn’t work correctly, since you posted the error earlier: Table 'ettimestamp' has no Fields associated with it.

I still think you’re having the same issue as the issue I linked to earlier. And since it doesn’t seem to have a resolution or any way to reproduce the problem, then I’m not sure what to do from here.

But why am I able to load the data when I write this SQL statement then?
select * FROM “mtdemo”.“ettimestamp”

@John As you can read in the issue, other people can make queries directly, but it’s the sync that fails for some reason, which means you cannot use most of Metabase interface, since it read the structure from the synced data.