Error Metabase GLPI Tool

Hello, I have a problem, when I want to search for information on a ticket created with the formcreator tool, in the content field it brings me all the information but with the HTML code embedded, is there a way to get it out?
For example :

" ->&# 60;p>Modificacion de proveedores&# 60;/p><- "

I put the spaces on purpose because otherwise the HTML takes me bold

where do you see that?

When I enter the page with port 3000 and fitrol information in the metabase, in the "content" field is everything that I created in the formcreator plugin and it comes out that way.

I forgot to say that I am using it in the GLPI tool

I don’t know what’s the glpi tool

is system ticket open source

Then that probably comes from the ticketing system and unless you cleanse it you will see it in the raw version in metabase

What you are saying is that the problem comes from the code?

Exactly, that’s how your product saves the rows in the database

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