Error Reducing Rows

Hi there,

We recently upgraded to v0.35.1 running on Heroku. We’ve started noticing that some larger output queries (~20k rows) fail to save their entire output to CSV. Metabase will run the query without issue in the web interface, but the CSV will abruptly cut off after a few thousand lines with the following error:

class:"class clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo"
error:"Error reducing result rows"
stacktrace:["--> query_processor.context.default$default_reducef$fn__37780.invoke(default.clj:61)"

Has anyone else experienced these issues? We’ve noticed it on reports that run against our Redshift cluster as well as our Postgres database.

Hi @chaspe
That’s a known issue, fixed already and will be part of 0.35.3:

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