Error : refused iframe

I'm getting this error after running an html file with the code of iframe containing my dashboard .

Refused to frame 'http://localhost:3000/' because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors *".

my html file :

My First Heading

My first paragraph.


the result obtained :

Any idea ?

Hi @Maha
Most browsers do not allow linking from file:// to http://
I would highly recommend developing using real urls that have https:// since it's closer to how you would end up running. It will avoid a lot of CSP conflicts.

hi @flamber,
i got it but the problem , the url to access to my dashboard is not an "https " .
do you have any proposition of a browser which accept it ?

@Maha Then just use http://, but what you are showing is definitely not something that works in any modern browsers. Put your code on a webserver.

Okey i ll try it .
Ps : in the documentation of " Embedding charts and dashboards in your website" the example is using an http.
Thank you again.