Error using metrics

Dear, good afternoon!
In an analysis here, I realized that when in a report I add metrics I developed into the data model, Metabase omits the "names" of customers and products and only kills their ID. These names refer to attributes that are foreign key. In the data model, I parameterized to show the name and not the code. See the attachment:

Hi @Lourival
I wouldn’t say it’s an error, since there’s no error messages anywhere.
But it’s the same result if you don’t use metrics, since you are specifically grouping by the FK.
There’s an issue open on it: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Hi @flamber, I disagree with you on a question: Not the same result if I don't use metrics. The metrics in this case are the essence of the analysis, otherwise you wouldn't need to have metrics, would you? However, you have to agree with me that we are behaving strangely there, that is, we should be able to see the full analysis information as desired by the user.

I thought you were talking about Metrics (Admin > Data Model > (database) > (table). My Portuguese is not very good, so I didn’t check your screenshot correctly.
Anyways, the workaround is to group by the actual column that your referencing FK is suppose to use as “Display value”.

Ok @flamber, obrigado.