Error when changing a model database

I set up models based on a database dev with id 1 , and created cards using these models.

When wanting to switch models to a database called prod with id 2, with a perfectly identical data scheme, cards returns this error Can not display has the referenced table comes from another database

After investigation using the API, what I discover is that when getting the informations about the model I get sth like this :

 "dataset_query : {"database_id":2, "other_attr":"value"}

Therefore, the change from dev to prod was correctly done for the model.

However, when I check the indicator depending on this model, I get something like this :

 "dataset_query : {"database_id":1, "other_attr":"value"}

What I understand from such observations is the following : When changing the database of a model, Metabase does not update the database_id of depending cards


  • As the version 0.46 seems to have implemented the functionality of getting all cards linked to a model, it should also update the database of cards that depends on it.
  • However, it raised the issue of cards that depends on multiple models. A good scenario would be to check if both models have the same database_id. If not, do nothing , and returns error when viewing the card.