Error when running SQL Code with "Table is Full"

Hello there, I hope someone could help me, I am Running a SQL Code from 2 Views from a Database from a server AWS RDS for MYSQL.

I Get this error: The table '/rdsdbdata/tmp/#sql2e69_56e_a5' is full

Hi @nicomuriel
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
The error is coming from your database (cannot tell if it is from your data source or application database).
Optimize your database or give it a larger instance (disk space) to run on.

Can you guide on how to optimize the database?

Check your database logs for more details. It's impossible to know what the problem is.
Run EXPLAIN ANALYZE (or EXPLAIN EXTENDED) before your queries to understand how indexes and temporary tables are used.
Optimizing a database is not two-clicks-and-you're-done. There's a reason why DBA exists.
Try searching the internet for "mysql optimize query" etc.