Error with metabase enterprise

I try to test the enterprise trial metabase, but show this error.

Client error: POST resulted in a 400 Bad Request response: {“errors”:{“username”:“Too many attempts! You must wait 0 seconds before trying again.”}}

Any suggestion?

Hi @spinal
Which version?
Try accessing the page with localhost - so http://localhost:3000
Are you using a reverse proxy?
How many logins have Metabase received?
There was a fix a couple of days ago, which should resolve this in future versions, so only bad-logins count towards the throttle limit.


Version: “You’re on version v1.1.6 Built on 2019-08-08”
I try acess with GLPI --> http://localhost:3000
Proxy Reverse: NO

My solution:

I don’t understand, but I need to destroy all tables of database and recreate again.

But I have another question?


How Can i add another app?

Okay, then perhaps GLPI is doing something it shouldn’t - like making many login attempts.
To embed Metabase in another application, you need to code the integration. You would need to look at JWT in whatever language you code in.

Well, thanks I look, in configuration, i look this option. “EMBEDDED DASHBOARDS” --> No dashboards have been embedded yet.

Why, On glpi need of configuration of token:
“Metabase embedded token (to display dashboard in GLPI)”,

My doubt, the token is only for access version trial, but cant I use this option?

beucase I look on doc.

" Premium embedding
If you’d like to embed Metabase dashboards or charts in your application without the “Powered by Metabase” attribution, you can purchase premium embedding from the Metabase store. Find out more here."

Can it only test remote with premium version?


I have no idea what GLPI is doing, so you have to look at that - ask in the GLPI forum.

There are multiple different types of tokens. There’s a license-token to enable premium embedding or activate the enterprise edition. And then there are tokens for embedding dashboard/question.
I’m sure they’re talking about embed-tokens. If you look at the link I posted before, then you’ll see how to enable embedding for dashboards/questions.

You can embed the free open source version of Metabase - if you want to remove the Metabase-logo, then you need Premium Embedding - if you want drill-thru options, then you need full app embedding, which is only available in Enterprise Edition.

Thanks again for help, I can share this item, but doesn’t work on glpi.