Events and Timelines shared between Collections

Hi everyone!

In my projects, I use Collections to separate the Dashboards/Questions relevant to each domain, and something that bothers me a lot is that a Timeline can only be seen by a single Collection, not even the Sub-Collections can see it.

Would it be possible to change this and add the option to share Timeline and Events with different collections?

Or is there currently a way to do this and I'm just not getting it?


Hi @Messias
Timelines are currently stored with a collection reference. It would not be a "two-liner" to add multi-collection support.
I would recommend that you create feature request for it:

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Requested! Thank you.

Just for reference: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

I upvoted and added a message on the feature request submitted by @Messias and reposting it here for reference purpose:

I agree with @lmessias, and to top that off,
Our use case is, we have a template collection with a dashboard and questions that we duplicate by client when we sign a new one = 200+ dashboards for internal monitoring purposes. Applying a timeline to the template collection, and have it get duplicated when duplicating a new dashboard and its questions from the source collection, would be ideal. It allows internal users that check some dashboard and not others to know when things have occurred while reading graphs. So creating 200+ timelines is not an option for us. Moving is great, but not an option either. Duplicating would be ideal, if not, allow applying the timeline to sub collections. This way we can create one timeline on the main Collection folder, and it gets applied to the 200+ sub collections under that main one.