Excel-like pivot features

Hi guys!
I’m loving 0.31. I saw it has the mini bars feature, which, essencially, reads the max value of a given column, and uses that value to calculate how much of it are the values on the other columns.

Given that, couldn’t we have then more features as we find in excel, like “% of parent rows”, or, in our case, “show columns as % of the total”, and that kind of stuff? Maybe it is even already on your roadmap, but I wanted to suggest this to make sure that crosses your mind.

Again, thanks for the great job - and I can clarify my ideas if needed, of course.

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VThere’s a GitHub request in https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/8572 and even an impressive PR open. No roadmap timeframe though, see my comment in PR #8427.


Gee, that is MASSIVE. Much, much further than I would even ask to be ever implemented. Just, wow.

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