Explorable data when viewing the question in dashboards

I was checking the documentation “Create charts with explorable data”. I realized that data exploration is only done when editing the question (correct me if I’m wrong), is there any way to do data exploration for users who will be viewing the dashbaords?

It would be interesting to have this possibility, many questions may require some deeper detail to the user viewing the dashboard. Similarly, I would like to allow the user, when selecting a result of interest, to check the table that generated it. Is there a resource for this? or some path that makes this possible?

Hi @J_trida
There’s different way users can explore data on a dashboard - with filters, or using drill-through:

I believe that my question was not understood. The link you gave me is exactly what I mention in my question that leads to the documentation “Create charts with explorable data”.

When using drill-through, I can only explore the data when creating the questions. My scenario is:

  • When creating the question and attaching it to a dashboard;
  • Associate a public link to the dashboard;
  • Send the link to a user to view the dashboard;

Is there any way for this “viewer” user to explore the data in the same way that drill-trough is done when creating the question? That is, when viewing the dashboards, clicking on the values ​​of the graph and opening the records that make up the data?

If I’m mistaken, explain to me how (https://www.metabase.com/blog/drilling-through-data/index.html) can help in solving my problem.

Perhaps this may be a feature that does not yet exist, and it is essential in many cases.

Grateful for the attention and speed in the responses.

@J_trida Drill-through is currently not available via Public Sharing. It’s only available in Full App Embedding in the Enterprise Edition: