"Explore results" button only visible with unrestricted access?

Hey All!

Some of my users are reporting that they don't see the "explore results" buttons that allow for easy sorting and filtering of query results, especially when dealing with reports based on native sql queries.

I do see it, so I just played around with the permissions. What I found out so far, is that the "explore results" button only seems to appear when groups have "Native query editing" permissions. This would be fine, but granting them those rights also forces you to grant them complete access to the database the native query runs on, which is not fine.

Is there any way for me to make the "explore results" button visible to my users without granting them access to the entire database schema?

you're right, but explore results makes Metabase to build a CTE (select * from (select ...). Why can't you click on the explore results and then save the query for your users to use?

Hi there, thanks for your response!

So what I like about the "explore results" button ,is that it, for example, allows you to sort your results by different columns, whereas the normal SQL view does not. I could put the "order by" in the query, but I could only ever choose 1 column at a time to sort by.

It would make sense to me to make this "explore results" feature available to people who have access to the metabase SQL question, because you are not expanding what they can see, you're merely giving them the option to limit what they see(filter) or sort what hey already saw. It doesn't make much sense to me to lock this feature behind permissions that would grant more access to the databases.