Export Dashboard on another server


I am using Metabase version 0.33.3. I use it in my entreprise.
I installed it on a distant server (test server). I accessed Metabase with my computer with the server URL: servername:3000. I use a SQL Server database and I used the data to create questions and dashboards.
The test is over. I have installed Metabase on the production server and I want to export the dashboards from the test server to the production server.

I don’t want to recreate the questions (I can make mistakes, hence the use of the test server).

Do you have a problem with this problem?

Thank you for your help

You can either copy the whole Metabase database over to the new server, or buy the Enterprise edition which allows you to bulk copy the content.
This is one of the big pieces of missing functionality at the moment, but it appears to be getting closer.

I dont understand when you say “copy the whole Metabase database over to the new server”
I dont use the H2 Metabase database, I use the data from SQL Server

You sure? SQL Server isn’t supported for Metabase’s own database, only as a datasource for the dashboards.
If you don’t know what it’s using, chances are it’s still on H2.

I don’t think I was explicit enough, sorry.

I installed Metabase on the test server.
I used this Metabase on my computer with the url : servertestname:3000.
I use SQL Server as datasource.

I created my questions and my dashboards with the data of " [Connection MX-DEVIT]"

I want now to export the created dashboard and import them on the production server without write them again.

You said “copy the whole Metabase database over to the new server”. Can you explain me how to do this ?

Thank you

Install Metabase in the same way on your new server.
Stop the service on the both servers
Copy those metabase.db files from the old server to the new (overwriting the files on the new).

Start the service on the new server and it should be the same as on the old.
Then read about moving your H2 database to MySQL or Postgress before you lose everything due to a H2 corruption.