Export environnement variable


on the documentation it is written to export variable in order to migrate to mysql.

export MB_DB_TYPE=mysql
export MB_DB_DBNAME=metabase
export MB_DB_PORT=3306
export MB_DB_USER=<username>
export MB_DB_PASS=<password>
export MB_DB_HOST=localhost
java -jar metabase.jar

my concern is, if the server is rebooted , then i will have to export them again ?

or do i need to set "fixed" environnement variables?

and how can I do this in an ansible playbook?

Thank you

Hi @laurameta
Correct, environment variables are only present in the current console.
You can place them as Java parameters by appending -D example java -DMB_DB_TYPE=mysql ...
But it's recommended to setup a service to handle that and secure the variables:

Hey ,
thank you for your answer, I hadn't seen this page !
Very usefull I will look deeper into it !!
thanks mate!