Export list of all questions

I’m helping a cleanup initiative and would like to know if I could export a list from Metabase of all questions with the following details per question:

  • Question ID
  • Question Title
  • Question Description
  • Question Creator
  • Question Creation Date
  • Question Last Edited User
  • Question Last Edited Date
  • Question SQL (if using custom SQL, can be blank if not though bonus of a SQL representation of the notebook could be exported)
  • Dashboard IDs that contain the Question

I don’t need to import this to another instance or anything so I didn’t see a question already here like what I’m looking for. Double bonus points if this could be built as a Metabase Question and thus revisited any time I need it again!

Thank you in advance.


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Yes, but only if you’ve migrated the Metabase internal database to either MySQL or Postgress.
Just make the Metabase database a datasource within Metabase. If you search on my name, there’s a posting about it on here somewhere.

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Thank you, that’s a great solution!

Hi, would it be possible to query the application database via Metabase app and get a list of questions of a particular collection? Would it require directly querying the application database?

@ankitagoyal05 Yes, just add the database as a source in Admin > Databases, then you can use it like any of your other database sources.

@flamber Thanks, is there any particular table to look at for questions? Also, any way to find by collection?

@ankitagoyal05 Questions are in report_card - collections are in collection* tables.
Have a look in this topic for more ideas: Metabase Metadata SQL

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