Export PDF showing filters

We recently updated to version 1.49.9 and are seeing some changes to the generated PDF file when exporting dashboards. These exports show the filters at the top of the PDF. In the previous version these filters were not show.

Was this an intentional update or a bug? We do not wish to show filters on those exports.

What you mention was a bug that got fixed:

The pdf should generate anything that is present in the dashboard

Why would it be desired to add the filters to the export?

It creates an ugly aesthetic at the top of the report. If the filter input is needed, why not use a header or text box with a variable for the filter input?

You are exporting the whole dashboard as a PDF and filters are part of the dashboard

No doubt they are part of the dashboard (vital I might add), however, they aren't always desirable to display. We use dashboards for client reporting and including the filters is not aesthetically pleasing because we use dynamic text boxes and headers to display the needed information.

Here are two examples of our client reports. Maybe our team is in the minority, but we believe Option 2 is more desirable from a client perspective. Is it possible to create a toggle for displaying filters? That would provide a solution for both use cases.

Option 1 - with filters displayed

Option 2 - no filters displayed

Yeah i see your point but the PDF follows the same flow as a dashboard subscription. If you check the email you will see the filters at the top:

You can bypass the need of such filters with sandboxing when it comes to hiding other client names. I believe having the Date int he PDF is not an issue cause it is actually helpful even for the report. If you want to work with multi tenant environment then you should look into Sandboxing: