Export report into PDF file

Hello, we have created this awesome report inside Metabase but when the email is sent, it completely mess with the format of the report. We are wondering if Metabase can email the report in PDF format so everything holds its place?

Thank you

we're working on that and we expect to have a solution by the end of the year. It won't be a PDF, but rather the correct visualization on subscriptions

thank you for your fast reply. Is there any other option that you could suggest us? We have the bookings and shipments numbers in a certain format and emailing distort everything. Could please help me figure this out? thank you

If you have those numbers as tables, then tables can be sent pretty clean and if you wish, you can send these tables as alerts instead of subscriptions with attachments, so users receive the raw data (just an idea, I really would love to know the underlying need and what you're trying to achieve so I can help you better)