Export to CSV without column headers?

I have a report which is used by another company who struggle (really struggle) with CSV files that have headers.

Rather than expect/ask our users to manually edit the exported CSV before sending, is there an option or way to tell metabase to not include column headers in exports ?

Hi @JasonL
No, there's currently no way of omitting headers in exports. Not sure what they are struggling with, since most programs automatically handles headers.

Not my system, so not much I can say. 30 years in IT and I am no longer surprised by what systems can't do.

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Just had a formal reply from DHL support. They can't deal with csv files with headers.

@JasonL Okay, then you'll have to built your own version of Metabase which excludes headers. It intercept the request with a reverse-proxy to automatically modify the response.
They are most likely using some mainframe system from previous millennium.