Exporting PostgreSQL query result get an issue with date_trunc function

Hello team,

My team is using metabase version 0.37.2 and got an issue when downloading query result with date_trunc function inside it.

We met this issue when using PostgreSQL, I tried on Bigquerry but its still alright.

For detail,
First, we write query like this:
select current_date, date_trunc('day',current_date) as day, date_trunc('week',current_date) as week, date_trunc('month',current_date) as month, date_trunc('quarter',current_date) as quarter

The result on metabase seems fine

Then we tried to export this result to excel or csv, it got an issue

Plus, Our timezone is Asia, Bangkok, in case you need to know.

Please fix this issue as soon as possible, thanks.
Best regards

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Please don’t create multiple posts: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/13677

Okie, sorry, I am new to metabase, please forgive me XD