External API

Good afternoon, I need to consume data from an external API key from a Cisco platform. I wonder if it is possible to do with Metabase. And also I have the .josn file, it can make it easier.

Thank you.

Hi @villani
I’m not sure if I understand your question. Are you looking for the Metabase API? If yes, then:

Good afternoon,
No, I wanted to consume API data from vendors, for example from a Cisco firewall, I need to consume data via API Key, http link.
I don’t know if it was well explained, but in Metabase I would just like to assemble the graphics, the analysis.

Thank you.

Okay, so you want to use the Cisco as a datasource. You would need to get the Cisco data into a database, which Metabase supports as datasource, like Postgres or MySQL.
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I’ve done quite a lot of work with REST API data sources using PowerBI. I’ve also done similar work in Metabase by loading the data into SQL Server, then creating views for Metabase.

As attractive as the notion of a REST API data source is, it only works for non-trivial datasources if there is some form of transformation layer. PowerBI has this as part of it’s data load, Metabase doesn’t. If you want to use REST API with Metabase (a good idea), the only practical way is to use some form of ETL tool.
I use CURL to extract the json data, then load into MS SQL tables using stored procedures. It’s a bit of a pain to initially setup, but can then easily be done on an automated schedule.


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Got it, thanks for the return.

I answered this in Driver: REST API · Issue #4831 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

You can enable pgsql-http in your Metabase database , GitHub - pramsey/pgsql-http: HTTP client for PostgreSQL, retrieve a web page from inside the database.