"Failed to execute postMessage on DOMWindow"

We are running an app on subdomain A that embeds queries from a metabase instance on subdomain B.

After an upgrade to v0.36.6, this is happening:

app-embed.bundle.js?b33c92a4486dd445d864:formatted:20839 Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘DOMWindow’: The target origin provided (B) does not match the recipient window’s origin (A).

Is this expected?

(Thanks for Metabase, it is outstanding.)

Hi @judell
Which version have you upgraded from?
There should be no changes to this area since 0.34.2 or something like that.
What do you mean by “this is happening” - that’s an error/warning in the browser console - is something broken in the embed?

Not sure what version we upgraded from, it’s been about a year I think.

that’s an error/warning in the browser console

Yes, and possibly harmless-but-annoying, but I wanted to check. Is there an expectation now that A and B must match? What are the consequences if they don’t? Things seem to work, but it’s concerning.

@judell Okay, a year ago, I’m not even sure if we had those headers implemented, so that’s why you’re seeing them.
It’s “harmless” in the sense that it doesn’t do anything. And since you’re not using Enterprise Edition, then you’re not getting any functionality out of postMessage functions anyways.

That’s what I figured, just wanted to check. Thanks.