"Fatal Error: The Metabase server terminated unexpectedly."

Getting this error upon app start. Downloaded the latest update that Maz linked to here: Metabase isn´t working anymore after update

Currently running on macOS Sierra 10.12

what version of MB are you on? Is it 0.22.2? We fixed an issue with 0.22.1 on Mac.

Also, can you open up console when you boot up MB and see if it spits out anything in the error logs. Finally, we have occasionally seen the Mac App get clobbered when a laptop goes to hibernation and back. If this is the case, just restarting the machine seems to unlock whatever file handle issue is happening.

Hey Sameer - thanks for replying. I can’t get the version number since the app doesn’t actually open, but I’m using the version that Maz linked to in this thread: Metabase isn´t working anymore after update