[Feature idea] Auto-saving option

As a data analyst, I would like to have the possibility to activate an auto-saving feature that would replace the "Save" button on top of dashboards or cards, since I'm heavily rewriting cards.

Work-around feature :
Instead of having a single button "Save" above, split in in two buttons : "rewrite" and "save as new" (names to be discussed) that redirects each to a specific action :

  • rewrite : replace the previous question with the one just update
  • save as new: open the classical "save new question" menu

Side notes:
this feature could be enabled at the user level to avoid system-wide changes.

Hi @dynnammo
So basically similar to Codepen and friends, where you can create multiple versions from the same object?
That would require a major overhaul of how everything works.

Isn't that semi-like what the Save button does on questions already, where it allows you to save as existing question or create a new question?

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you're asking for.

You completely understood.

I think the workaround I described would be much easier to implement i.e. a user could toggle an option named Show rewrite button near Save in its parameters (same place as where he setup his password and language).

It that case the user would spare one click if he wants to replace the original question. Having this button would mean that the Save button return a pane similar to when we save a question for the first time.

I may suggest something very specific to my needs, but if this rewriting could fit in an issue I'm ready to do some mockups or deeper explanation for it.

@dynnammo I really must be misunderstanding something. Isn't that exactly what the "Save" button on questions already does?
Basically sounds like what https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/25376 is requesting, so you have back-references to the question it was created from.