[Feature idea] Auto-saving option

As a data analyst, I would like to have the possibility to activate an auto-saving feature that would replace the "Save" button on top of dashboards or cards, since I'm heavily rewriting cards.

Work-around feature :
Instead of having a single button "Save" above, split in in two buttons : "rewrite" and "save as new" (names to be discussed) that redirects each to a specific action :

  • rewrite : replace the previous question with the one just update
  • save as new: open the classical "save new question" menu

Side notes:
this feature could be enabled at the user level to avoid system-wide changes.

Hi @dynnammo
So basically similar to Codepen and friends, where you can create multiple versions from the same object?
That would require a major overhaul of how everything works.

Isn't that semi-like what the Save button does on questions already, where it allows you to save as existing question or create a new question?

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you're asking for.