Feature Request: Create a customized dropdown filter based on a query (or client_id)

Hi, I’ve been using Metabase for about 5 months, and it provides tremendous added value.

My feature request is regarding the public dashboard.

Last week, I found that if a SQL column is ENUM, then I can create a dropdown filter with those values.

My request for a new feature:

If a client has 4 posts associated with his account, I can create a dropdown filter for the metabase dashboard that will dynamically include more options based on new posts made by that client.

That means, I don’t want all clients to have access to all the posts in the database - rather, each client should have a dropdown with their specific posts.

Thanks again for this awesome product!!!

Best thing since Google Analytics!!!


We are pretty satiesfied with Metabase, too.
This feature is critical for us. We have a multi-client system where each client gets filtered data (working pretty well using a hidden filter for all dashboards and views). But as the clients can see personal data from other unrelated client in the filter dropdown we have a privacy problem. This is a major problem for us as privacy is a main issue in the project.

So a possibility to further filter the dropdown values is essential (best with a query like stated above).