Feature request - edit date for calendar control

I have a number of years of data in a chart and I want to set time boundaries using the calendar control at the bottom:

It would be much faster to set my date if I could manually edit the date, rather than relying on the arrows to navigate me through time:

As a bonus feature, when navigating through time with the arrows, it would be super helpful if the arrow didn't move up and down as the number of weeks in the calendar changed! That movement makes it hard to click rapidly and quickly.

Hi @ChrisH
All features and bugs are tracked on Github.
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
It's possible to write the date in the input instead of using the arrows.

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Doh! The gray text isn't "disabled" it's "suggested format".
That makes so much more sense!

I was trying to place my cursor at the end, and it wasn't letting me, so I was thinking editing was disabled.