Feature to view all metabase models in one place

I'm exploring metabase model caching and realized there is no easy way to get all the models our analysts have created.

There should be a place where the admin (and everyone/group w/ access) can view all metabase models - will help a lot with visibility, metabase caching, and moving these to the data-warehouse layer in the long-term if a model is still relevant.

You can view all the cached models in Admin/Tools - you'll see a list of models and when they were last cached.

To see a full list of the models, you need to run this query against Metabase's own database (you need to be self-hosting to do this):

SELECT * FROM report_card where dataset = 1

Thank you for the quick response!

But to view these in Admin/Tools - I'd need to cache models first, and to even start with that I need visibility on # models, their queries etc., otherwise it might create issues w/ our Redshift DWH (already facing some issues).

Metabase app DB query will also help only after first cache run of all models.

Also, we should be able to include/exclude what models to cache.

That's not the case. It's there as soon as the model is created. The model I created to test isn't cached (yet) but is still visible using that query.

Oh right, thanks, that's helpful.

I can use this table to convert models into queries and vice-versa at once [temporarily]. Should help with the other concern I had - include/exclude models for caching.

I hadn't thought about doing that. Sounds like it needs a lot of testing!

Tried model caching but not sure if it started or not, looks like this error is for the same but not sure -

WARN metabase.task Error fetching details for Job: metabase.task.abandonment-emails.job org.quartz.JobPersistenceException: Couldn't retrieve job because a required class was not found: metabase.task.follow_up_emails.AbandonmentEmail [See nested exception: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: metabase.task.follow_up_emails.AbandonmentEmail]

I've created this schema and have given all permissions using this -

grant all on schema metabase_cache_084b2_5 to group metabase_users;

but still getting this error, am I missing something?

logs show this error -

@luiggi FYI

Is that the correct group? Is the account that connects to the database in that group?

yes, user is part of this group

though all these statements are working in Metabase by the same user (i.e. user has create table permission) -

create table metabase_cache_084b2_5.ca_gn_test1 as (select 4);

select * from metabase_cache_084b2_5.ca_gn_test1;

drop table metabase_cache_084b2_5.ca_gn_test1;

Teh error is about creating a schema. Can you grant the account dbo rights as a start?

This helped, thanks!

Earlier, I was trying to limit it to read/write access only.