FedCM in google signin on metabase

I have been using Google Sign in for my metabase but I have received an email from Google regarding Migration to FedCM. It's probably a new method or change of use of third-party cookies therefore my account is showing that the OneTap signin might be affected due to this change. Any help in this regard?
Didnt see any such issue raised in github hence raising it here

Link : https://developers.google.com/identity/gsi/web/guides/overview

What’s FedCM?

I have an email regarding Google Identity Services will migrate to FedCM in April 2024 where it mentions my Metabase app which might be affected by this. In the document link above they are asking to add an HTML /JS tag for data-use_fedcm_for_prompt attribute to true .

I am unsure as to how will this get added to Metabase?

Also, got the same email. Being a DevOps engineer it's bit confusing what should be done on the app.

Same here bro. @aneestahir
@Luiggi any update so far? I have a production deployment that might get affected due to this

we're working on this to ship a fix before the deadline

Is there a github issue linked with this one too. Will bookmark it for any updates. Or this issue can act as a tracker itself. We use it in production and wouldn't want google signin to go down