Feedback on maps features

I'm using the maps visualisation tool to share relevant feedbacks with my B2B merchants about their B2C customers.
Some feedbacks:

  • I need to display data in percentage of the total nb of customers, but it's not possible (the only format accepted is in absolute value, so 50% is written as 0.5 -> Really not looking good).
  • The legend on the left is not very readable, and not straight forward. It would be great to have the scale of colours from the lightest to the darkest.
  • The colours on the map could be more contrasted
  • It would be great to being able to identify the top region, lowest region with a specific visualisation.
  • It would be great to being able to display the most important values (largest values in my case).

I'd also like to see the above suggestions being considered. One more thing to this topic, it would be nice if users could define the buckets rather than being auto-generated based on percentile.

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