Feedback on version .39

We just released version .39, which adds much nicer search, as well as a new Enterprise Edition feature that lets you set different filter values for each of your dashboard subscriptions — plus a bunch of other smaller enhancements and fixes.

We'd love to get your thoughts here. Thanks as always!


realised everything I test right now was already included in 0.38 so the feedback belongs there :grimacing:

Our reports and dashboards stopped working once we upgraded from .38 to .39. We had to revert the release back to .38. Our setup is based on Java JAR file deployments.

The ability to set different filter values in dashboard subscriptions, is amazing.

To go through our journey, we started with different questions and different pulses just to have different date range periods (e.g. last 3 days for daily report, last 7 days for weekly, last 28 days for monthly). So we ended up duplicating all our questions X3 and pulses X3 for the different date ranges. And we were also doing this across 10 different accounts (so X10 again)

With the first release of dashboard subscriptions, life got better. We no longer needed to duplicate all our questions X3, but we still needed to duplicate the dashboards. You needed a different dashboard to have different filters in subscriptions.

Now, with the different filters possible as a configuration in the dashboard itself, problems are all solved.... we can have generic questions, generic dashboard, and then just simply set the filter values per each subscription. Huge game changer for management of dashboards, questions, and subscriptions.