Fetch currency conversion from web on run time

Can any metabase feature help us to store current currency conversion rates that could be used within a query to produce the required output.

Hi @Anum
You would synchronize rates into a database table and then you could use that information in Metabase.

For now i have harcoded them, i.e., current_currency * rate= desired_currency_value
How do you suggest to synchronize? Could you expand a bit here?

@Anum Create a script, which populates a table in your database from a source, and then you can join that table on the questions where needed.

@flamber can you share a sample script?

@Anum I don't have any, but it's really not specific to Metabase at all. Try searching the internet for scripts and data sources: https://www.reddit.com/r/PostgreSQL/comments/97084y/exchange_rate/