Field Filder Error

İm Select =X. XXXXX 18 [1900] İn Filter Menu for this query;

WHERE ( 4) and KAGIT1={{KGT}}

and Error = Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘IN’.

But if im write in query;

WHERE (dbo.xxxxx.xxxxxx= 4) and KAGIT1=‘X. XXXXX 18 [1900]’

İs Working,

so whats wrong?

The syntax for field filter variables is different from “normal” variables because they insert SQL snippets rather than just a static value.

If you have set KGT to a field filter variable type, the syntax should be:

WHERE ( 4) and {{KGT}}

Thanks for inform sir,

How i can add quotes ‘{{KGT}}’ , ‘+{{KGT}}+’ , {{‘KGT’}} ; im try and dnt work,

if we are can add quotes the problem is resolved… i think

I would suggest reading over this article on using SQL templates and field filters before you proceed:

Could you help me understand what exactly you’re trying to achieve by adding quotes?