Field Filter Dropdown not working

I am creating a field filter mapped to a filed with string as values. But the options are not showing up in the dropdown. When I select that the dropdown list should have values coming "from connected field", I see the following

We don’t have any cached values for the connected fields. Try one of the other options, or change this widget to a search box.

In the data model, the "field type" is set to category and "filtering on this field" set to "a list of all values". I have discarded cached values for the filed and rescaned it too.

But nothing works. I still can get the values in the dropdown.

I have a hosted metabase instance. The data is in BigQuery.

Please help.

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how many unique options does that table have?

I'm having the same message. Since my goal is to set a linked filter to this one, I cannot rely on the "From another model or question" or "Custom list" options in order to populate the dropdown list. Switching to a search box does gives me the exact same behavior. A SELECT DISTINCT on the column returns 45 results.