Field Filter in Dashboard with multiple questions

Hey folks,

I have a dashboard with 2 questions and have created a field filter based on a common categorical data that the source tables of both questions have.

Question A:

select type, total_quantity from quantity_table [[where {{type}}]]

Question B:

select type, total_value from values_table [[where {{type}}]]

Both tables have only two values in the type columns: product_a and product_b.

When I add the questions to the dashboard and configure a field filter to use the type filter in both questions, it creates a filter in which I have to mannualy type the value to filter, and this is very annoying for users.

If I add the filter to just one question it works fine, trouble is when both questions have the filter configured. I have configured the data model for both tables exactly the same and as it should be.

Bizzare part: sometimes/randomly when I refresh the page it loads the dahboard with the filter as a dropdown menu showing product_a and product_b inside, which is exactly what I want as standard.

Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @PabloBrenner
That’s an open issue you’re experiencing, when having a filter on different tables. Go and upvote by clicking :+1:

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Thanks! Hoping for this to be addressed soon!