Field Filter on a custom column

Thanks for the last answer.

I have another question:

In an SQL query, I have crated a “custom column”, i.e. I’ve created a column which is not is the Table, by a Concatenation of several column + a case statement.

I want to add a filter on this column. But when I try to add a Field Filter, I can only choose a Column of the original Database. I can also add a Text filter, but I want a filter with click options, I don’t want the user to type the text…

Is there a way to have a “Field Filter-like” on a custom column, where users just have to click on the option they want?

And I also want to know if it is possible to remove an option of a field filter? (For example a filter on a country, I said WHERE country is not ‘USA’ in my sql query, but USA is still in the field filter options)


Hi @Pedroniel
No, the Field Filters search is searching on the column data.
The only workaround would be to create a database view.

To do a “reverse” selection, use a sub-select: Dashboard filter to exclude values