Field Filter on Dashboard not showing list with similar results


I recently noticed a field filter I’m using in a Dashboard is not showing a list with similar results once you type something like it used to do. The thing is that field has a many values so I know the full list wont be displayed, but previously I remember I changed the filtering option for that field on the data model and started showing a reduced list with similar results to the current input.
Just want to know if there is a way to get that behavior back because a filter with many possible options where none are displayed is useless since you need to type the whole value of the field to make the filter work.
I’m using Metabase 0.33.0 (latest version)

Hi @aleglez
Can you show a screenshot of how it looks now and how it used to look?
I’m not sure I understand the problem.

Hey @flamber,
Sadly I cant show a screenshot of how it used to work before, since I cant get it to work the same way now.
So you know how those field filters on the dashboards show a full list with all the results as soon as you click on them (at least that is how it works if there is not a huge amount of possible values).
Well, if there is too many of them nothing happens, you click the filter and type on it but it wont show a list where you can just click some value.
But I remember I found an option on the data model setting, where I changed the filtering option for that field from seach box to a list of all values iirc, and then the behavior changed a bit, it wasnt showing the full list but once you typed something on the filter it showed a small list with results matching your input.
That’e what Im trying to achieve here, because I have a filter for a field with like 900 different values and is impossible to learn all of them so you can type them and use them to filter by.
Please let me know if you need more clarification.

Which version did you use before 0.33.0?
There’s several issues open about filters not showing lists, when using a dashboard filter connected to multiple questions that are using different datasets, but that should also have been an issue on the previous version.
Are you connecting the filter to multiple questions?
From what you describe it sounds like the filter only shows a match if you input the exact value.
What’s the Field Type of the filter’s reference? Admin > Data Model > (database) > (table) > (column) :gear:

It might have something to do with the sync/scan process that has failed, so can you force a re-sync/scan? Admin > Databases > (database)
And check the log for any errors - Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.

Yes, Im connecting the filter to multiple questions, but everything from the same dataset.
The field type is Entity Name and I think I was on 0.32.4 before

I’m trying to reproduce your issue, but it’s difficult without more information on how the filters are setup and screenshots.

Here are a couple screenshots, the 1st one shows the desired behavior on the query.
The second one is on the dashboard and shows that no list shows up when you type something.
Is the same filter and for this test I removed every query from that filter except for the one showing in the 1st screenshot.


Okay, then it has something to do with one of the questions the filter is connected to doesn’t use the same structured dataset.
I’m fairly sure you’re seeing issue #5677, but without knowing your exact queries for all the questions connected to that filter, it’s hard to tell.

Like I said, when I took that screenshot I removed all those queries from the filter and left only 1 (the same one I used on screenshot 1), so Im not really sure

This is definitely a bug, but is not exactly the same one referenced in issue #5677 since I only tried with 1 query connected and didn’t work either, not sure if the same thing is causing both problems but at least the conditions are slightly different. Also I know that query doesn’t have any problem because the same filter works on the individual query, as I showed in my pics above.
Do you know at least if issue #5677 is going to be fixed anytime soon ? Maybe that will fix my issue too.

@aleglez If you look in the comments or references of the issue, then you might find another issue, which better fits your problem.
But without seeing your exact queries, then it would be impossible to know if that’s what your issue.
With the Metabase team expanding lately, then there’s a bigger change this will be fixed soon.