Field Filter permissions issue

Hey guys,

So I’ve hit a bit of a snag with some of my reports that I’m trying to use field filters in. Basically the way my setup works:

Our users use Metabase to view and pull reports from native queries manually created by my team. We don’t allow them access to create their own custom questions or native queries and we do this by revoking their access in the Data Permissions but granting them view permissions to the collection permissions of the admin panel.

The issue I’m having is when attaching field filters to a native query they require permissions to view the specific table(in the data permission section) that the filter is coming from regardless of whether or not they have viewing access to the collection.

So my question(or request) is: Is there a way to make it so that Field Filters are accessible to users that have access to a Saved Question, rather than the root table it comes from?

** this relates to Read-only permission for SQL-based questions not available in Admin but unlike in his case, adding unrestricted access to the table isn’t an option for us.

Fairly certain that you’re experiencing this issues:

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Yep those two issues look like what I’m dealing with 100%. Made some comments for visibility, but hope it’s something that gets added in the future.

Thanks again @flamber