Field filter reference another field filter in Dashboard

Hi All,

I have a dashboard composed of custom SQL questions primarily coming from 2 MySQL tables.

I have 2 date field filters in my dashboard;
One referencing the first table, and the other referencing the second table.

Both date filters always have the same value. Rather then having to select the same dates twice (one for each filter), is it possible for one field filter to reference the other field filter?


Hi @lpgroup
You would have to create a lookup table, so both questions would use that for aliasing. It's will quickly get rather complex. Alternatively, have two simple Date filters, which can be used on both questions.
But no, it's currently not possible to have a Field Filter, since aliasing is not supported: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Thanks for the prompt response @flamber. How would the "two simple Date filters" work exactly? They would reference a non-table dependent value? E.g The month of Feb 2021?

@lpgroup People would need to input 2021-02-01 and 2021-02-28 into the date filters.
Have a read here: