Field Filtering after FROM statement

Hi everyone,

I'm having doubts about whether I can use field filtering after FROM statements in metabase.
As an example, here is a simple request, and I'm already using field filtering to chose time intervals :

date_trunc('day', signed_at)                                                           AS date,
AVG("value" / 10 ^ 18)                                                                 AS mean_volume
FROM chain_ethereum_mainnet.block_transactions
[[WHERE {{signed_at}}]]
GROUP BY date 

but there are different "chains" in our database and I was to be able to use filtering to easily replace
chain_ethereum_mainnet to chain_arbitrum_mainnet across entire dashboards. If someone can help it would be awesome !

Hi @soispoke
Please read this article about Field Filters first - it should describe everything (and limitations):
But yes, WHERE-clauses comes after FROM-clauses.


Thanks for your answer, I've read it and I do know that WHERE-clauses come after FROM-clauses, what I want to know is if there is anyway to make this work :

FROM  {{chain_ethereum_mainnet}}].block_transactions

@soispoke No, you cannot use any of the filters like that, since it would open up to SQL injections. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Field Filters can only exist in WHERE-clause, while the other filter might be used elsewhere, it's only tested with the WHERE-clause.