Field Filtering (using Russian comma)

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with field filters.

My problem is when I type in the Russian alphabet, I cannot type "Б" or "б" (it is a comma in English keyboards). If I type "Б" or "б", it either does not type anything or moves to another entry.

Thank you beforehand!!!

Hi @Saitama
Field Filters can find multiple results, so you can use comma as a separator, but that also means that you cannot input a comma as part of your search.
Could that be the problem you’re experiencing?
It’s a little difficult for me to fully understand, when I don’t have a Russian keyboard and understand the language :slight_smile:

Yes, we use a comma as separator, but in the Russian keyboard the comma button is used for letter “Б” or “б”. When I want to use this letter, the system takes it as comma and separates it automatically.

I would recommend that you create a new issue - but without help from a Russian developer, it will be difficult to fix.

Just for reference: