Field filters errors on BigQuery Views

I’m trying to create dashboards with filters. I have done this in the past with our BQ tables but with views I’ve created it gives me an error. First I imported my views into metabase since it resides in a separate dataset id. I can map the field to the field filter. But I get this error when I run it.

select date,
from li.artist_login_ts
where {{date_var}}
group by 1
order by 2 desc

45 PM

50 PM

Thanks for your help.

Did you solve this issue? I’m having the same problem which I outlined in this post:

It seems like the date variable is not dealing with the dataset properly.

+1 facing this issue. Any fixes / Resolutions ?

I’ll echo this, I am also having the same issue. No solution found yet.

From the documentation note, when using Field Filters on BigQuery:

In BigQuery, back ticks are needed, like FROM `dataset_name.table`

I have the same problem too. Any fixes? I tried this but it does not work

@romain.r Post your query.