Field Filters not being passed to Pivot Table in Dashboard

Hi All,

I've created a raw table (call it raw) via a Saved Question in which I've added two field filters; {{startdate}} and {{Id}}

Then I proceed to create a Pivot Table using a Custom Question (via the Notebook Editor) based on the previous table I created above.

After adding this Pivot Table to my dashboard which already contains a Date Filter, I cannot find the {{startdate}} as an option in the drop down menu when I try to add that filter

Note: I am not using any aliases as I know this can cause issues.

Metabase v 0.40.2 (running as a Debian Service)

Hi @lpgroup
Metabase currently does not support pass-thru of filters: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

@flamber arrghhhh (the noise coming from me and my angry client!) lol

Thanks for the heads up, will definitely upvote

Hi @flamber , understand that this is still not yet possible at the moment. Do you have any workaround?

this is possible

Hi @Luiggi , thank you for your answer. Can you please share the documentation if any? I'll take a look at it.

Hello, is there any update on this?

anyone have a solution for this. I'm also running into the same issue. Or is there any alternative way to make pivot tables take field filters to make it dyanamic?

  1. Do a SQL question, no need for any field filter there, save it.
  2. Then do a GUI question with the first SQL question as the source, do the aggregations. Change it to a pivot viz. Save it
  3. add the pivot to the dashboard, connect the filters