Field Filters not displaying results containing '&' character

I have a series of data entries that contain the '&' character, specifically from the term "Q&A". These results, despite appearing in the database, do not appear in the drop down for the Field Filter. If I manually create a filter with the exact name, or even Contains "Q&A" then it works, but it is challenging to work with them not appearing in the drop-down.

Please fix if possible and let me know if you need any additional info.


hi, I'm seeing those values

using 47.2

Thanks for checking. I did some more playing around after receiving your message and found that it is displaying some of mine that have the & and others that don't, even though I've proven they are in the right column. Some other issue must be going on, but I'm really not sure what.

Create a simple question on a dashboard that just lists all those values. Then create the filter as before. It should display all.

I've had a few problems with the list not appearing. I think it's when there are too many records in the question or it takes too long. In the end, I just create a dummy question that provides all the values. Then filter to exclude all values so I can hide the display from the dashboard.

Thank you! That definitely seems to be what is going on here, as I've proven some other new values also are not appearing.

Sorry for the incorrect bug report, and thanks for the support in figuring out what is happening.